Infertility is hard. Affording treatment shouldn’t be

Cost shouldn’t be a barrier to starting a family. At IVF(SG) we’re making world-class science more affordable with a passionate team of fertility experts ready to help you start your fertility journey now.


IVF(SG) cycle process

At IVF(SG), we understand that fertility treatment can be an emotional and complex journey. That’s why our fertility experts will carefully review your medical history and prescribe any necessary additional fertility tests (exclusive of the cycle price).

Stage 1

Initial Consultation

Stage 2


Before starting your treatment, our expert team of fertility specialists and nurses will provide a comprehensive explanation of all relevant information, including your IVF medication, the treatment plan, the costs, and applicable MediSave rebates.

Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) treatment starts on Day 1 of your cycle and continues for 1-2 weeks to promote egg growth. We will monitor your progress with blood tests and ultrasound scans.

Stage 3

IVF Treatment Begins

Stage 4

Egg and Sperm Collection

When your eggs are ready, an injection triggers ovulation. Egg collection by our fertility specialists occurs about 36 hours later at IVF(SG), with your partner providing a fresh semen sample on the same day.

The next step is fertilisation. The fertilised eggs (embryos) are grown to blastocyst stage and suitable ones are frozen for future use. One of these will be warmed and transferred during your next cycle.

Stage 5

Embryo Development

Stage 6

Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer typically occurs in the menstrual cycle immediately after IVF treatment. You will have to prepare for it with oestrogen medication and vaginal progesterone. Our team provides detailed guidance before the transfer cycle begins.

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1 in 6 Singaporean couples have difficulties when trying for a baby. At IVF(SG) we’re here to help you focus on family, not finances, by providing affordable and timely IVF treatment. Our unique, all-inclusive fixed cycle price for quality and effective IVF treatment is delivered by our team of IVF experts, all working together, to help you achieve your family dreams.


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